Quality is at the heart of everything we do

At Celosa, we are committed to making sure the tequila you’re drinking is sourced from only the highest quality agaves in Mexico. We also make sure that the red wine barrels used to age our tequila comply with our strict specifications.

Our tequila is 100% organic from start to finish. We know the smallest things can make the biggest difference. That is why, every detail of the bottle has been carefully curated to attain elegance and uniqueness.



Jose Antonio Alonso Beckmann, 12th generation of a tequila family along with maestro tequilero Jaime Villalobos Sauza, 5th generation of a tequila family, & “Hacienda la Capilla” master distiller, Marco plaza work together to ensure Celosa’s quality standards are always satisfied.

What makes Celosa unique?

We have quality in our core, each bottle of Celosa goes through multiple quality control procedures, ensuring that only the highest quality of tequila is ever bottled.

100% Natural

Our agaves are harvested individually by “jimadores” when they reach perfect maturity.

The respect of tradition

The excellence of Celosa resides in the fusion of centuries old skills and savoir-faire, guaranteeing the highest quality process from field to bottle.

A leading distillery

Our tequila is made in the “Hacienda la Capilla”, one of Mexico’s best distilleries, located in the State of Jalisco, east of Guadalajara.

A Vintage spirit

The natural rosé color of our tequila, its texture, and taste are the result of the perfect marriage between our liquid and the essence of red wine grapes. The magic happens when we leave our tequila in red wine barrels.

These barrels, which come from one of the best wine estates in Napa Valley, accelerate the aging process of our tequila, giving it an incomparable texture and softness.


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