Celosa means Jealous, that was the initial feeling that our founders felt from sharing with each other the precious secrets of several generations of tequila, and wine making.

The name stayed to honor the step they took to overcome that feeling and create something unique together. From now on Celosa will honor our founder’s collaborative spirit & share their love for tequila across the globe.


We live to inspire people to celebrate the discovery of a new love. We want to be there in the moment they share that feeling with the people that matter. We stand for catching eyes. We are Mexican, and we don’t forget it.
We are the product of a beautiful coincidence that put our tequila in a wine French oak barrel. We are lovers, creators, explorers. We represent the evolution for the love of tequila. We toast with singers, game changers, daredevils. We are made for the special ones, to be in your celebrations, and to be your new affair. We are fearless adventurers.

We stand in the shoulders of all the people that have been producing Tequila for 200 years. We celebrate the past, but our energy comes from the future.
We are armored by love, originality, curiosity, and determination. We live with passion, we welcome the crazy, the brave, the romantics of this world. We want to be your instant crush, and make you fall in love again with Tequila. Because if you are in love you will not sip it, you will kiss it.

Tequila rosé

Celosa aspires to change the industry by creating a tequila with a warmer texture, modern image, and unique taste. Celosa isn’t like other tequilas, it revitalizes the spirit by offering an extraordinary, sensorial experience from start to finish. Its unique character will seduce you with its exquisite taste and elegant, sober, and meticulous design.

It is One of a kind.


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