What is Pink Tequila?

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There are many types of tequila that are typically enjoyed including blanco, reposado, anejo extra anejo and more. The main difference between tequilas, oftentimes, falls on the age time of the tequila in the barrel. Rosé tequila (also known as pink tequila or rosa tequila) however, not only focuses on age but also the type of barrel used in the aging process. The type of barrel used in the aging of tequila can determine the flavors and aromas experienced in each sip.

What makes Rosé Tequila pink?

Firstly, let’s clarify what a pink tequila is – rosé tequila is 100% tequila aged in barrels that previously rested red wines. The residue of the red wine from the barrel infuses the tequila with a natural, soft pink hue as well as unique flavour notes that bring depth to the aroma and palate of the tequila. The combination of using high quality tequila, and barrels from some of the finest wine estates in the world, creates a tequila that is far elevated above other tequila options.

What makes Rosé Tequila different from other tequilas?

Typically, some tequila brands choose to buy brand new barrels, and others choose to use used barrels from other industries. Since Bourbon and whiskey barrels can only be used one time, many of them find their way down to Mexico after the initial use to age tequila. The type of barrel used impacts the flavor and aroma of the tequila rested in the barrel. When using a previously used barrel that has aged bourbon or whiskey, the strong flavor notes transfer onto the tequila. The longer the tequila ages in these barrels the more of the flavor and aroma it adopts from the previously rested spirit. This creates a deeper color but also contributes to the sting tequila can have.

 When resting tequila in a barrel that has previously rested a softer and more lighter type of alcohol like wine, the smooth and naturally fruity flavors transfer onto the tequila, making it a softer and smoother sip. The finish is supremely smooth, with a hint of sweetness that comes from the wine barrels used to age it. Whether taken neat or as part of a cocktail, you’ll enjoy rosé tequila from the moment you lift your glass.

The Flavors of Rosé Tequila

Rosé tequila offers subtle yet complex flavors. The aromas include the agave notes you’d expect from a classic tequila but are balanced with hints of cherry that are the result of the red wine aging process.

That berry flavor comes through on the palate, too, adding a very mild sweetness to the drink without compromising on that sharp refreshment that you’re looking for from a high-end tequila. It’s also countered with a soft vanilla taste stemming from the oak barrel that ensures the tequila never veers into overly tart.

Is Rosé Tequila considered a Luxury Tequila?

What makes tequila luxury or premium is the attention to detail within each step of the process of making the tequila. This includes the harvesting, cooking style, distillation type, filtration and aging style. Celosa Rosé focuses on each step of the way to ensure the utmost product quality. 

Why? Because of the extensive 12 generation tequila legacy behind the brand merged with an introduction of a new era of tequila. This is not a tequila that is ever rushed, but instead, one that is made using only the most careful processes, ensuring an end result that is flawless every time.

It begins with the selection of only 7-year-old blue weber agave, making sure only those with a succulent enough heart are chosen. These are then cooked for 8 hours in a traditional autoclave oven and rested before grinding to release the agave juice.

It then goes through a careful fermentation and distillation process before one of the key steps in making this a true luxury tequila – filtration through a carbon filter. This makes it a cristalino, a much more luxurious and smoother tequila, perfect for sipping. 

The final stage is resting the tequila in the red wine barrels which previously rested Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Only the best French oak barrels are used so that the tequila reveals hints of oak vanilla flavors. 

So, when you order Celosa Rose, you can sip in style with the best luxury tequila.

The Legacy of Rose Tequila

That being said, there is plenty of legacy behind Celosa Tequila and the Celosa brand, which was the first to launch a tequila within the Joven Rosa category.

Celosa Rosé tequila stems from 200 years of generational knowledge across 12 generations. Using that expertise, a proprietary blend of tequila was created, which is then carbon-filtered for unrivaled smoothness and clarity. This is one of the finest tequilas already at this stage.

The experimentation came with the resting of this blend in French oak red wine barrels for 28 days. The result is a refined tequila with an amazing unique flavor and a natural pink hue.

How to Enjoy Rose Tequila

A Joven Rosa tequila is best sipped neat neat – it’s a fresh and crisp taste that is fantastic over ice.

But it’s also a great addition to some cocktails. The fruity hints mean that you can often simplify some of the classic tequila cocktail recipes and still enjoy great flavors with only a couple of extra ingredients.

Why not use Celosa Rose to whip up the perfect pink tequila cocktail for your next party? Impress your friends with the finest tastes of a luxury pink tequila bottle alongside your food. Intrigued by the sound of quality rosé tequila? Order Celosa Tequila today to see just what it’s all about!


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Chilled rosé tequila served in a wine glass



Chilled rosé tequila served in a wine glass